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The winter day in New York

2019. 41 x 33 cm. Canvas, oleo. Nueva York es una ciudad que siempre me inspira. Y no importa en qué época del año estamos. Me gusta NY en cualquier estado.. Todos estamos compuestos de contradicciones: en invierno pensamos en el calor, el verano y el mar. En verano pensamos en los días del invierno soleados,…
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The pearl of Danube

2019. 46 x 33 cm. Canvas, oleo. How long I have wanted to paint you! Our first meeting took place a couple of years ago, on my daughter's 10th anniversary. The same day almost all the world celebrates Christmas. There was a wild cold, but Budapest was beautiful. It is really the “Pearl of the Danube"... The city…
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The beautiful warrior

2019. 92 x 73 cm. Canvas, acrylic. I’d like to present you my new painting "The beautiful warrior“ I participate with in the collective exhibition “MUJERES en el PODER".  The exhibition will start at the 20th of August 2019. It was created under the influence of Lady Diana personality.
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